The Reason I May Look a Little Wild-Eyed Crazy When Next You See Me.

Yesterday while waiting in line to pick Laurel up from school, I logged every question Ethan asked me in the span of 10 minutes. Here they are, with my answers in italics:

“Do bucket trucks have sirens?”

Why don’t they?”
Because they are not emergency vehicles.

Then what are they?”
Utility vehicles. Work vehicles.

“Where does Grandma Rost live?”

“What about Grandma Smith?”

“What are they singing?”
I don’t know this song.

“What kind of song is it?”
A rock song.

“What is that?”
A weather station.

Why is it?”
What do you mean? Are you asking why it is a weather station?

Ethan, you have to stop with these existential questions. It’s a weather station because it just is – it measures wind speed and direction.

“What if there is no wind coming and that thing is spinning?”
It wouldn’t. If it did, it’d be broken.

“What if we grabbed onto the cups and pulled it around and around?”
Then it would take a reading, but the reading would be false because it wasn’t caused by the wind.

Take a deep breath and try again; if it doesn’t work, give it to me and I’ll close it.


“What if you go and the light was red but no cars were coming?”
Then you wouldn’t have an accident but if a cop were hiding behind a building and saw you do it you’d get pulled over and he’d give you a big, fat ticket. Trust me. So don’t do it.