Holidays, Part II.

Okay, so we haven’t all killed each other yet, despite being in close proximity to one another for several days.

So that’s good.

As promised, here are a few photos from this season:

The kids visited Santa as part of a Santa Walk at a nearby park. It was chilly, and we walked REALLY FAST to see all the lights, but it was fun. Ethan even talked about it today – “Remember when we went to that place with the hot chocolate and the geese?”

So yeah, that made an impression.

Here they are with Santa:

Santa Visit

And then we had Christmas morning proper.

Don't let her have scissors digital USB microscope The truck that you have to go this way to make it turn that way and that way to make it turn this way Can YOUR dump truck lift a Slinky

And we also had….


White Christmas

Snow! On Christmas!

Now for the rest of the past week:

We had more of that white stuff today, and before going out to play the kids posed in what I thought of as a half-angry, bundled-up American Gothic:

Vinnie's ass is always in the shot

Ethan says that’s his “Grinch Face,” by the way.

And then SOMEBODY left the dryer door open, which led to this…

He only does this because he knows it gets under Greg's skin

…which I promptly e-mailed to Greg, who, cat-hater that he is, responded as expected.

So we’re having a good time.