Holidays, Part I.

I really don’t have a lot to say about Christmas this year, mainly because ours was blissfully uneventful. I do have some photos though, which I will post when I can. What can I say? I’ve been lax.

Until then, this will have to keep everyone occupied – it certainly kept me occupied with hours of coding and kept Greg occupied with hours of stomping around the roof while I had him move snowflakes ‘just a couple of shingles left; now a couple of shingle rows down. No wait, put it back where it was originally.’

My husband is a very patient man. This does not mean he doesn’t shake his head wonderingly at me when I do this kind of thing. Ask him sometime about the Christmas he hung all the lights on the eaves and I decided I didn’t like them and asked him to take them down.

And he did, with very minimal complaint. That’s why he’s so friggin’ awesome.

So here it is, the 2009 Light Show. Greg stood outside in the cold, with a cold, in the neighbor’s yard for this. I had to dub the music over, of course, so I matched it up as well as I could. We hope you enjoy it :


Next year, more channels!

One thought on “Holidays, Part I.

  1. James

    WOW! Those are the most far out Christmas lights I have ever seen! Greg is a wizard! Looks just like a UFO landing…

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