Entering the Orthodontia Bubble.

Laurel’s got some jacked-up teeth.

Kid’s got fangs. Really!

So the dentist said we needed to go forth and get braces for her teeth. We were happy about this; Laurel is mourning her impending loss of fangs.

Today was the day she got her braces. And it won’t be long until her teeth are worthy of dental modeling (much to her chagrin).


Jacked-up teeth before


Jacked-up teeth after

Next up: HEAD GEAR!

3 thoughts on “Entering the Orthodontia Bubble.

  1. Laurel

    Note: These pictures had to be retaken several times due to my squinty, blink-prone self. Hence the deer-in-the-headlights look.

  2. Cynthia Schon

    Wow! It’s been quite the week for newly arrived corrective equipment, between Laurel’s braces and Madie’s glasses! I didn’t even notice them Friday at the bank. I hope they aren’t too uncomfortable; as both a middle schooler clarinet player, I must honestly say that I despised mine.

  3. Michelle

    She kind of likes them, Cynthia! I agree, they’re not very noticeable and we just htink they’re cute. She looks like a middle schooler already. ha! Anyway, they hurt her for 2-3 days and now they’re fine again. Thank goodness she only has to have them for ~6 months. This time, at least.

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