And Our Engines Hadn’t Even Cooled.

So after our whirlwind emergency trip to San Francisco, we returned just in time for a Thanksgiving Dinner that Couldn’t Be Beat (complete with Arlo Guthrie playing, of course), and then took advantage of the weather to begin decorating.

And by begin decorating, I mean really BEGINNING, because for those of you who were reading last year, you’ll remember this monstrosity. It seems the videos in that link are coded to auto-start even though I would swear they weren’t, so you’ll have to stop ‘em and start ‘em again.

Anyway, all I can say is it’s a good thing we live in Jefferson County. We can blow shit up in July and then light up the neighborhood in December. Then we can blow up more shit in January if we so choose. In the interim we get to burn stuff on the ground. Kiss my ass, St. Louis County!


This year we started all this a little earlier than usual on account of our Big Fat Cruise lined up for later this month.

Friday we began the big light-hanging extravaganza. Well, Greg did, really. I’m in charge of design and programming the lights; he’s the muscle (and loves it when I say that). He’s the one who climbs on the roof – because while I am just fine climbing up, I freak out when it’s time to get down – and figures out which extension cord goes where when I can’t get all the damned green trees in the front yard connected right. So I spent most of my time untangling lights and tossing extension cords up to him.

It isn’t all done so we don’t have photos or anything, but they’ll be up soon. I hope. Depends on how much I nag.

On Saturday, though, we had our annual excursion to Meert Tree Farm which, in my opinion, beats Eckerts hands-down. Sorry Eckerts, you’ve got it on everyone else in the apples and peaches department, but Meert’s got you on the trees.

It was freakishly warm (60-65) so we didn’t feel right enjoying our traditional hot chocolate. We got a great tree anyway and the kids had fun pulling legs off grasshoppers:

next to the chosen one counting rings muscling the tree out to the path for pickup tormenting a grasshopper riding the train trimming 1 waiting for the top branch to be trimmed before finalizing it

I love this time of year.

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  1. Brandi Schweitzer

    LOL…we were there on Sunday! We LOVE Meert Tree Farm. We especially like the fat little dog that sits at the feet of the little old lady that makes wreaths…too cute!

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