A Morning with the Black Cat.

Yesterday Ethan and I went to the Piwacket / Black Cat Theatre to see their production of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” He and I have been talking about fairy tales lately and this was the perfect time to go.

We’ll return.

It was really cute. I would recommend it to anyone, I really would. And believe me, I’m a tough customer. So is Ethan. He’s notoriously difficult to entertain (right now he’s stuffing the cat into a bag), so if he liked it, all children would like it.

I ask him to smile and I get this Anticipation

Look at the big dummy who partially covered the flash Moving in for a closer look

After the production, I asked Ethan which part was his favorite. He responded, “When it was over.”

Pfft! What a fibber. He was absolutely rapt for the entire performance, even if he was too cool to participate in the group sing-along.

And just because I don’t really have anywhere else to put it, here is what happened when we returned home:

Hmmm. Now what