Pumpkin Day.

Today we made our annual trek to Stuckmeyer’s Farm. It’s not much of a trek – only 2 miles (if that) but that just means the excitement doesn’t have time to wane on the trip.

Again we were reminded of the differences in our kids. Ethan picked the first pumpkin he saw and we encouraged him to look around some more; Laurel would still be out there trying to find The Perfect Pumpkin if we hadn’t set a time limit for her.

On the other hand, it DID take Ethan some time to pick out the wagon we used for pulling the pumpkins back in. So maybe they’re not all that different; maybe it’s just a matter of priorities.

Here they are, in photographs:

Picking out a wagon Heading to the patch

Ethan's Pumpkin Laurel's Pumpkin