Prelude to Halloween.

I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays of the year, largely because it serves as the kickoff to the big holiday season, but also because it appeals to my ooky-spooky side.

So ‘round here, Halloween is a Very Big Deal.

We’re working up to the big event; I’ve finished the costumes, we’ve watched The Great Pumpkin, Greg has…well, we’ll reveal that when the time comes – suffice it to say even he got caught up in the over-the-top spirit of the household. A hint: it involved a trip to Radio Shack – imagine that.

Last weekend the kids and Greg carved the pumpkins they got a few weeks ago. As much as I love Halloween, I hate carving pumpkins myself, so I leave it to the experts while I handle the documentation. Greg carved Ethan’s, and Laurel carved her own, despite our hesitancy to put sharp tools in her hands.

gutting pumpkins His head's too big!

Now, then. I have to take some time to talk about Laurel’s jack-o’-lantern. We use a pattern book, and she picked her pattern from that book. It wasn’t the easiest, and I was worried that she wouldn’t be happy with the results. I even told her, “Laurel, it’s not easy to carve a pumpkin well enough to make a perfectionist happy. Trust me, I know. So please, PLEASE do not feel like you suck if for some reason you aren’t happy with the results.”

Laurel assured me she’d be fine and positioned herself on the sofa (lovely) to carve her pumpkin. Not only did she carve it as well as any adult, but she customized it to suit her whims. In the photo below, her jack-o’-lantern is on the left; the eyes and mouth were on the pattern, but the hair and scar are her additions.



Yesterday, Ethan and I did this:


I wanted to stop after about 4 ghosts, but he was having none of it.

Anyway, there you go. We’ll post photos of the costumes on or around The Big Day. Stay tuned!