Beautiful Sunday!

If you live anywhere near here (or are visiting), you know that we’ve been cheated out of our usual gorgeous October. We’ve been treated to chill weather and rain most of the month.

But not yesterday.

Yesterday was cold in the morning but it was – get this – SUNNY, and it warmed quickly. We took full advantage of the weather and headed out to the World Bird Sanctuary for its open house, then followed that up with a drive through Lone Elk park.

Why’d we do this? Well, see, the letter of the week was ‘b’ and b is for bird.

The World Bird Sanctuary open house is a favorite of mine. Laurel loves it too, even though they have a volunteer policy that doesn’t allow her to volunteer until she’s 12. Despite me telling her I’d try to see if they’d make an exception, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top, she asked another worker for a second opinion when he asked if there were any questions in the raptor hospital.


Anyway, we saw eagles and hawks and owls – all of which I love. We saw a banding demonstration where volunteers trapped birds in a net, then placed bands around their legs.

Ethan was so bad during all of this. If it had just been me, he’d have been fine, but of course with Greg along he couldn’t behave.

He couldn’t resist the flight show, however. He enjoyed watching the birds in flight, and oohed and aahed over the gigantic albino python. Then came the best part.

The Raven.

The trainers at WBS have trained a raven to take donations from your hand and tuck them into the donation box. It is the most awesome thing ever, and the kids and I took turns feeding that raven.

Afterward, we took a drive through Lone Elk Park because it was so damned beautiful outside. We are not quite at peak color, I don’t think, but we’re mighty close. We saw bison and elk, both of which we saw in abundance over the summer, but bison starts with b, so there you go.

Halfway through Lone Elk, Ethan was all, “I HAVE TO GO POTTY REALLY BAD RIGHT NOW SEE HOW MY FEET ARE DANCING?” so that was fun.

In photos:

Ethan as the dodo bird Playing with bird wings

Owl in flight Raven taking donations

Raven taking one from Ethan My turn

Almost peak color at Lone Elk Park We've already seen lots of these this summer, but bison starts with b Lotsa elk, and check out the rack on that middle one