An Update on the Preschool Situation.

So we’ve pulled Ethan out of preschool and brought him back home. We felt it would be better for me to teach him because we are confident he will move further and faster than he would in a preschool setting. After subjecting him to testing last week, we are even more convinced that this is true. It would be unfair to ask his preschool to try to accommodate his needs when there are 15 other children in the classroom – though god knows his teacher tried. It’s looking as though he might be much like his sister.

I’ve been astonished at how much he’s learned in one week. He’s just about to count to 100 on his own, he’s figured out how to sound out words (but isn’t quite there yet), and he’s soon to be raising butterflies and ants.

But most importantly, he’s happy.

He’s really, really happy. We haven’t had the tantrums we had when he was in preschool.

And I’m having fun.

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