Weekend, Where Hast Thou Gone?

Really, this post is about two weekends.

During the first weekend, Greg was out of town. After working my ass off for two days mowing, cleaning, painting, et cetera, I decided to take the kids to the Missouri Botanical Garden. My decision was heavily (okay, solely) influenced by the fact that admission was free that weekend for Zoo members.

Even after the decision was made, it was not without its problems. Just before we left, I heard a crash from Ethan’s room followed by a wail. Ethan had pulled his dresser over on him. After a couple of panicky moments, some serious comforting of a scared little boy, and firing off an e-mail to Greg which said – and I quote – “Ethan’s dresser FELL ON HIM a couple of minutes ago. I think he’s okay, but ANCHOR THE FUCKING THING when you get home,” I discovered Ethan bouncing around and being as generally raucous as his usual self.

So off to the Garden we went.

smelling flowers in front of the lily pond Climatron watching the floral clock climbing in the children's garden Atop the rock in the children's garden the future locks and dams at the children's garden

First of all, you’d think we never buy Laurel any nice clothes because she flatly refuses to wear them, preferring instead her old ratty shorts, but whatever.

Also, see the nice photo of her atop the rock – and Ethan trying to climb that rock?

Laurel got up on that rock and was afraid to come down. Some parents around were trying to help her, but I just said, “You got yourself up there; you can get yourself down. Figure it out. Jump, climb, whatever, but get yourself down.”

I know, I’m not very sympathetic, am I? But how the hell else is she going to learn? I’m sure the other parents thought I was the meanest mother around, but I don’t much trouble myself with what other parents think. There’s a reason my kids are independent – I force it. And of course, she DID figure out how to get down. And she was able to be proud of herself for it because she did it ON HER OWN!

Ethan never made it to the top of the rock. If he had, he’d likely have just launched himself off it with no regard to height, the way he was doing with the bales. He’s not quite so risk-averse (and I’ll be quick to point out that being risk-averse is not necessarily a bad thing).


The second weekend we went to Eckert’s to pick apples. Last year’s honeycrisps were so delicious we decided to do it again this year. We picked right at 40 pounds of apples. We have a lot of apples around right now, but we EAT a lot of apples.

The kids each got to pick a little free baggie for themselves, though we had to argue for them. I guess we were supposed to have a coupon for the kids to get the free bags, but the ladies handing out the bags said nothing about a coupon. We didn’t find that out until we reached the register.

My reaction? “Well, we don’t have a coupon and the ladies handing out the bags didn’t say anything about a coupon, so I guess we’ll just leave these bags of picked apples right here.”

They went ahead and gave us the bags.

Ethan's big apple Laurel's juggling act I don't care if I ever run a tractor again, but Ethan disagrees

Note: Laurel’s got those shorts on again!

At least she’s comfortable.

Good times.