Last Hurrahs.

Ethan returns to school tomorrow, so we took as many opportunities as we could this weekend to spend time together as a family.

Saturday evening we went south to the old fire tower a few miles south of us. I am not a big fan of heights these days – especially when the thing I’m climbing is rickety and creaky – and would have stopped a couple of flights below the top if it weren’t for the good-natured heckling of a group of folks below. So I made it, albeit while clinging to the railings for dear life. At the top, the kids were so frightened they refused to stand. It took me much less time to get back down than it took to get up there.

Jeff County Fire Towerclimbing the tower Just before I got the nerve to climb the rest of the way up

After that, we journeyed a short distance to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge, where the kids ran back and forth along the span, Ethan refusing to pose long enough for a photo.

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

Today we decided to take a big trip to the zoo. We did about everything we could do and saw about everything we could see. The kids were super-good the entire time.

petting stingrays chasing turkeysclimbing wall at children's zooTHE most interesting part of the children's zooSleeping in With the hippoNeeds no captionLaurel with an oreo goatFirst he tried to brush its button the train The beetlesporting a lemur tailethan on the carouselwe ride a lot of carousels

After spending hours at the zoo, there was only one thing to do —


We got it packed to go, so the kids had fun with the dry ice…

fun with dry icemore fun with dry ice

..and then finished off their concretes.

Ted Drewes

A perfect end to a perfect summer vacation.         

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  1. Cynthia Schon

    Looks like you and your 3 kids had a great time!

    Madie was "Stingray Keeper for a Day" a couple of weeks ago, so if you have any stingray keeping questions, you’ll know who to ask!

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