Great Yellowstone Adventure 2009, Days Thirteen – The End!

Loveland, CO – Our family chose to tour breweries in the greater Fort Collins area on Day Thirteen.

“We started at 10:30 a.m., which is apparently perfectly acceptable in Ft. Collins,” Michelle observed. “We were most definitely not the first people at New Belgium.”

After tasting Dandelion Ale along with several other beers, then making purchases, our family admired the trailer and bikes outside and made a hasty getaway for an early lunch at Coopersmith’s.

“They had green chile beer,” Greg noted. “It was surprisingly good!”

“I thought it tasted like the chicken enchiladas verde I make,” Michelle added. “And those are good!”

By the end of lunch, at least one member of the family was certainly tipsy, so it was little wonder that the they drifted over to a science toy shop for a bit. In the shop they met the Interesting Character of the Day.

“He started off with the usual sales schtick, trying to amaze the woman of the family ‘cause we hold the purse strings, but I’m a pretty tough customer,” Michelle noted. “And then when Greg showed he already knew the science behind one of his tricks it was all over.”

He recognized Laurel for who she is, and when Michelle was teasing Greg about the bell curve shirt below, he wasn’t afraid to say something about it.

“See what happens?” he asked Greg. “We go off and marry these independent women instead of marrying women who will follow us around like puppies, and this is what happens. Believe me, I know!”

He was very complimentary and had a real way with kids, knowing when their interest was lost. As it turns out, he taught the gifted at a college prep school.

So that explained a lot.

After enjoying yet another ice cream cone, the family was tired from their excursion and returned to the campground where the kids played on the playground for hours.

Days Fourteen and Fifteen consisted of long-haul driving, with an overnight stop in Kansas. Nothing much to report, no photos taken those days. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Photos of Day Thirteen:

New BelgiumNew Belgium party trailerNew Belgium bikeRiding a fish with a train whistle in Old Town Ft CollinsSpinny Science ToyThe closest we got to a real bearLaurel's new bell curve t-shirt

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  1. Cynthia Schon

    This really sounds like 1 of our trips. All of Paul’s landmarks in Durango, CO are microbreweries, except for the best Fly shop, Duranglers. Sounds like we may need to head to Ft. Collins also; he would take a bath in Fat Tire if given the opportunity. He would have to try the green chile version as well. He normally scoffs at flavored beers, but he had a huckleberry ale in Idaho (and again in Spokane) last year that he loved. (I opted to have my huckleberries in ice cream and in a glaze on my salmon.)

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