Different Gifts.

Laurel and I often discuss how people aren’t really ‘smarter’ than other people, that just about any given person knows more about something than any other given person.

We all have different gifts. Laurel’s are fairly obvious at this point; we’ve been waiting to discover what Ethan’s will be. We’ve just confirmed one.

Laurel didn’t do this until she had just turned 8; I was 5, and had just finished kindergarten when it all came together. Greg doesn’t remember how old he was.

Ethan is 3:

So this appears to be Ethan’s gift. I’m relatively unsurprised. He runs (runs!) across balance beams at the Little Gym. He surprised us with his ability to ride a scooter. He backs his tricycle into the little parking places on the preschool playground, even when he’s pulling a trailer.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, anyone?

I would LOVE to know where he got that.

So it’s either natural or a result of us allowing him to tear up the floors in the house with his various modes of transport.

Either way, we’re pretty excited.

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