Great Yellowstone Adventure 2009, Day Six.

Yellowstone National Park, WY — “Today was mostly just a day of driving,” reported Greg, 30. “We started the day with a stockup run to the nearest big box store, and ended at camp in West Yellowstone, Montana.”

“It was a pretty drive, though,” reported Michelle, 33. “The kids were bickering at the end, but the scenery sort of saved things anyway.”

A video of one portion of the drive:


Our travelers made a pit stop at one point where high elevation snow still capped a mountain. The kids took the opportunity to throw snowballs at their mother, who desperately needed a bathroom break. “They really took their lives into their own hands,” Michelle said, “but Laurel and I managed to find a spot behind a tree and narrowly avoided being seen thanks to Greg yelling, ‘VISITORS!’ from below.”

Moving along, the family was puzzled when they had to follow a pilot car down through the mountains. Greg was the first to guess the reason. “Fallen rocks on the road,” he remarked. “The signs up here say to watch for ‘fallen’ rock, not ‘falling rock.’” Michelle added, “I guess that makes more grammatical sense – one is more likely to encounter rock that has already fallen than rock that is still in the process of falling.”

The family took the most direct route through Yellowstone to get to the west side, with a brief stop at the Mud Volcanoes area just to stretch their legs.

“Ethan freaked out at one of the locations on the trail because the steam was so pungent and was drifting right at us. And yes, I’m going to call it ‘steam’ and not ‘condensed water vapor’ even though Greg grits his teeth when I do it and I lose nerd credibility for doing so. And though I was resistant at first, I’m also calling the bison ‘buffalo’ even though I know the difference because that’s what everyone up here does, and when in Rome…”

Greg rolled his eyes.

After arriving in West Yellowstone and getting settled in, the family ventured out to a brewpub that calls itself a brewery but doesn’t actually brew anything – or at least not anymore. “I hate that,” grumbled Greg. Michelle added, “Liars and cheats! Wait, make that OVERPRICED liars and cheats!” But both agreed that at least they got to try some beers they couldn’t get in Missouri – even if they weren’t actually brewed by the “brewery.” They finished the day by purchasing a stunt kite and trying to fly it in the city park. “The wind was a little unreliable,” Michelle stated. “We’ll probably try again tomorrow inside the Yellowstone boundaries. We went and got an ice cream cone again, which is becoming a theme.”

The family would also like to make mention of the mosquitoes. Says Greg: “They are absolutely everywhere, and we were warned they would be when we watched a show about Yellowstone. Don’t anybody tell Grandma Smith because she’ll be convinced we’re all about to die from West Nile.”

The Interesting Character of the Day was the gentleman who runs the RV park where the BoneBlog family is staying. He looks like an aged Billy Bob Thornton and grew up in Shrewsbury, of all places on earth. “Yep,” he remarked, “I went to Affton high school and Heege elementary, but that was LONG before your time. I’ve got grandchildren your age.”


Snow! In June! Around 8500 ft elev You can tell from his face what he is about to do Pilot car leading us due to rockslide pre-Yellowstone Wapiti Valley I think Tasty bisonTo everything churn churn churnMud Volcanoes in YellowstoneMud volcanoes area in YellowstoneGeothermal wonderlandEscaping mosquitoes

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