Great Yellowstone Adventure 2009, Day Five.

Sheridan, WY – The family pulled out of Custer State Park no later than 7:00 a.m. this morning and made good time into Deadwood, SD. Michelle wanted to see the graves of Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane, but it was not to be. “No RV access up the hill to the cemetery, and it was so early we figured the buses to the cemetery wouldn’t be running anyway, so we had to skip it.

No matter, our family reported good weather and good time to Devil’s Tower National Monument, where they spent an inordinate amount of time traipsing around after Ethan. “We took the Tower Trail, which was an easy 1.3-mile hike,” Greg reported. “Yeah, but Ethan decided that rather than being pushed in his stroller, he should do the pushing. Needless to say, he’s not setting any land speed records with the stroller,” Michelle said. At the halfway point, our BoneBlog parents insisted the youngest BoneBlog member ride in his stroller in spite of his objections to the contrary. Both children earned Junior Ranger badges. “Two hours plus at the Monument,” Michelle lamented. “It was very pretty, the weather was gorgeous, and I don’t regret it even if it did put us an hour or so behind schedule.”

The family marveled at the snow fences, something they never see in Missouri:

snow fence

Of course, our family tried to figure out why the fences were placed the way they were – some were obvious, they thought. “Some were clearly placed to keep snow from drifting over the interstate, but others were a mystery.” As it turns out, the family discovered that sometimes farmers and ranchers place the fences in such a manner to take advantage of snow melt and fill their ponds.

Following an impromptu picnic lunch at the Monument, the family made good time into Sheridan, marveling at the snow fences, mule deer and changing Wyoming landscape along the way. They stayed at a relatively small RV park just off the interstate that was unbelievably clean.

After setting up camp and hastily doing laundry, our family rode the trolley downtown to the Wyoming Rib and Chop House, then called for a ride back home. “Ah, god,” cried Michelle, “I have eaten so much I’m sick. They had to roll me up and shove me out the door. I will say (and I am picky) that the quality of the steaks was at least as good as anything we have had in St. Louis. That’s particularly impressive considering I had a bison filet, and most places dry it out.”

When our family was full, Michelle took Ethan outside while Greg paid the bill. “I let Ethan climb on a horse statue,” she relayed, “I got by with it because Greg was still inside paying the bill; Here’s a big surprise — I’m the rulebreaker of the family.”

The family rode the trolley back to the camper and called it a night. Tomorrow – YELLOWSTONE!

Interesting Character of the Day: Peter D, of Peter D’s RV Park. He has been so helpful to us from the time we booked our reservation through setting up camp. There is a quality wi-fi connection in the park, and he is just the nicest, most helpful fellow. Honorable mention goes to the trolley driver, who took us on an interesting tour of Sheridan and who swung around to pick us up even though she had just passed us by – without making us wait!

Photos (you know the drill, mouse over for captions, click to enlarge):

WY SignDevil's Tower from AfarJust look at the tiny people at the bottomWe have so many photos of this I cannot pickdevils towerbinoculars at devils towertower trailPorcupines did this to several ponderosa pines in the park - ponderosa pines smell like cream soda Prairie dogs are SO cuteEthan calls this a CharlieOn the trolley in Sheridan WYProbably against the rules in Sheridan WYAlso probably against the rules Sheridan Inn

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  1. James

    Hey Hey! Glad you guys are having a great time! and that the weather is good. I really liked the pic of Custer State Park and the Devils Tower, have you seen that movie…uhh what the hell was it? in the late 70’s? with that guys from Jaws who became obsessed with the Devils Tower because thats where the aliens landed? Close Encounters! thats it!Really liking the pics! Take care!

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