Grant’s Farm, Spring 2009.

Last weekend, after canceling our camping plans due to rain forecasts only to find it dry, we fought cabin fever on Sunday with a trip to Grant’s Farm.

When we go to Grant’s Farm we take advantage of Grant’s Trail. Parking down the line, we ride our bicycles to the Farm. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed it near the stables, then headed inside where Ethan made the most astute observation to date:

Ethan observing the Clydesdales

“Whoa,” he exclaimed. “Look at that big penis!”

And that was no lie:

clydesdale profile

Moving along, we visited the foals in the meadow…

Kids with Foal

…then headed into the park itself where we saw all manner of animals, as usual, and watched the bird show. The kids rode the new carousel and Ethan avoided a nap that day. We paid for that some later, but that evening, he went to sleep without complaint.

It was a nice day. We all had a fantastic time.

More photos:

laurelEthan with the goats eagle  lazy kangaroosWaiting for the carousellaurel on carouselFeeding llamas baby camelsRiding on Daddy's Shoulders