A Conversation with Laurel – The Unibrow

Me: “Laurel, when you get older, you’ll probably want to tweeze your brows.”

Laurel: “What?! Why would anybody do that?”

Me: “High fashion. It’s fashionable. Without it, you’ll have a unibrow.”

Laurel: “Unibrows…I think they’re cool.”

Me:  “You think they’re cool?”

Laurel: “Yup.”

Me: “Um, well, I’m pretty sure the unibrow is the universal symbol for ‘not cool’ but if you want to start a trend, go right ahead. It worked for Frida Kahlo — eventually.”

Laurel:  “Yeah, I know. And I love Frida Kahlo, so I want to have a unibrow.”

Me: “You think the unibrow had something to do with Frida Kahlo’s talent?”

Laurel: “Maybe.”