Notice to Terri.

1. Laurel is not your granddaughter. Your post to a public conservative forum to the contrary is incorrect. Even worse, when someone referred to Laurel as your ‘progeny,’ you did not correct them because you enjoy so much the glory from riding her coattails.

2.  In what world do you find it acceptable to post Laurel’s IQ score? First, you pulled that number out of the air without understanding it; second, you have now connected that number with my daughter – right or wrong, violated her privacy (we found the post via Google) and we are very angry about it.

3. You have exposed us to the vitriol of your forum buddies, allowing them to criticize me and say things like,

“Don’t worry too much about the fact that this extremely gifted child is being raised by a liberal. The truth is, in her advanced classes and such she will be taught logic, reasoning, and philosophy. She will also be able to grasp those critical thinking skills that are SO important in life — the ability to think for one’s self and to think “outside the box”.

In other words, as she grows and matures (especially when she gets out on her own), she WILL start to examine her mother’s positions on issues, and honestly, even now I’d bet she has moments where her brain is like “what? how does that make sense”, but she may not feel “bold” enough to challenge her mom’s beliefs (yet!).”

Never mind that I took many advanced classes as well, was identified as gifted, attended Missouri Scholars Academy, was awarded a full scholarship to college, and the like. Funny, you don’t mention any of that in your response – oh, and how many advanced classes have YOU taken that have given you critical thinking skills? Laurel’s intelligence comes from ME, not you. How dare you try to imply otherwise? You know very well the way this family is and is not related, yet you choose to ignore them in order to bask in your own limelight. As I pointed out before, she is not your progeny. Your progeny has not even come close enough to smell these types of accomplishments, and you know it.

Don’t you realize that Laurel is GOOGLING HERSELF and is going to RUN ACROSS that post? Shame on you. Shame on the vitriolic nutjobs in that forum whose rabid, salivating, knuckle-dragging hatred for anyone on the left betrays their insecurities in themselves and their position. Shame on all of you for belittling a little girl and her mother who so very clearly did something right in raising her the way she is, regardless of political affiliation.

Go to hell.

3 thoughts on “Notice to Terri.

  1. Michelle

    Thanks, Erin. Sometimes things need to be said. And sometimes I’m just the gal to say ’em.

    I could say a lot more, actually, and may just continue my Terri-outing campaign if she continues to refuse to return Greg’s call about this.

  2. james

    OMG Michelle, First: I applaud your restraint, secondly: Can we say she fits the sterotypical mizouri hick? I dont even know her and I’m PISSED OFF. :^)>, but I smile anyway, cause hell, you’re Michelle!

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