Three Returns.

Each year, spring manifests itself on our land with three distinct returns:

1.  Mama Robin:  This is the name we’ve given to the mother robin who returns year after year to build her nest beneath our deck in such a manner that the kids can peer between the decking to watch her bear her young. For three years running we’ve seen her lay her eggs, loyally sit on them, hatch them, forage their worms from our garden, send them off to flight, and repeat.

2.  Our Mockingbird: This morning I heard our resident mockingbird.  He also returns year after year to sit atop our corner power pole and sing his heart out. He gets a lot of female attention around here; I’m just not sure it’s of the avian kind.

3.  The Red-Tailed Hawk: This afternoon I noticed our red-tailed hawk has come back again, too. He’s a suave fellow who shows off, sailing low between our house and the neighbor’s on his dives for prey. Today he practices his soar by sailing high over our rooftop into the woods behind our home.

Each year, I look for these three returns of spring. I will be very disappointed when we move, because I’m rather attached to these birds and the season they bring with them.

2 thoughts on “Three Returns.

  1. James

    Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man,

    your story just made me so freaking home sick I think I may get drunk,

    There are, at my best estimate, 3 birds in all of Clark County.Missouri in the Spring is indeed, Gods Country. I want to go morel mushrooming sooo bad, this is the first year in, like, 25 years that I will not be in the woods, I can smell the good earth, see the trees budding and hear the birds. I knew of a place at at Rockwoods Reservation by Eureka, that I went to and would get 5 or 10 pounds of morels each spring, I would sit by the creek and eat a lunch, smoke a fat one and groove, baby, groove…feel those….. ‘forces from the center of the earth’…..Crap…Ok tho’, memories are forever and they get better as time goes by.

    Enjoy your wonderful Spring! I envy you today.

  2. Michelle

    I know what you mean! The forsythia bushes are in bloom (good), our Japanese cherry tree in the front is blooming (good) the dandelions are blooming (good, I’ve never had a grudge against dandelions) and the neighbor’s Bradford pear is blooming (I hate those things – they stink — junk trees).

    We thought about camping tonight but it’s so muddy we didn’t want to trash the camper already and it would take some work to get it ready to go. So we’re going to wait.

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