Spring Break 2009 (to date).

Okay, so you’ve read about Vegas, but then we returned home and I’ve had the whole week home with the kids.

I know, you’re hearing the theme from Psycho, right?  Thing is, it’s not so bad. I’m a pretty militant person, and brook no arguments from the kids, so we get along fine. The weather has been nice, so we’ve been on the go a lot.  So here’s part one, a recap:

Tuesday: The kids and I walked around at Powder Valley Nature Center. Ethan is fascinated by the beehive indoors. He’s also in training for our camping trip, and I was trying to teach him how to do a nature hike without scaring all the nature away.

Blue Skies From Now On Follow the Leader

Inspecting squirrel leavings Observation

Sitting on a Park Bench DA DA DA Tutelage

Wednesday:  We went to the zoo. It was a PERFECT day. The weather was great, we got a primo parking spot (free, of course — I don’t pay to park at the zoo). We got into the Children’s Zoo for free (it’s free the first hour), and after all that, it didn’t sting so much to pay $17.50 for lunch. Could we have picnicked it? Sure, but you have to live a little, right?  Alas, I don’t have good photos of the trip because the battery on my camera died in the Insectarium.

Thursday:  The kids and I worked on another of Laurel’s service projects — planting native trees and shrubs. A couple of weeks ago we ordered 25 blackberry bushes and 25 tulip poplars from the Missouri Department of Conservation nursery.  We spent this afternoon planting the choicest specimens in the back yard. We still have plenty left — anyone in need of blackberries or tulip trees?

planting blackberry bushes

planting tulip poplars

This week has served two purposes: one, to give me a preview of what the summer will be like — this will be the first summer in a few that I’ll have both kids home full time. Two, it has served to relieve me of the doldrums, because the weather has been so fantastic. My spirits have lifted dramatically — it’s not like me to enjoy an entire day at the zoo with a 3-year-old who hasn’t napped, but sure enough that’s what I did, and I was actually thankful for it.