Busy, Busy, Busy.

Okay, so we’ve been ratcheting up our activity lately, what with spring here and all. The past few days have been a whirlwind, but we actually remembered to bring the camera…

…to Laurel’s trout clinic, where she caught her first rainbow, then felt remorseful about it when we cut off its head to clean it:

lady angler

…to the park near the old, shut-down-for-safety-reasons Meramec River bridge on old Gravois in Fenton, where I ran off some Cheez-Its while the kids and Greg walked on the bridge:

old gravois bridge over the meramec

…to the Science Center, where the visit was cut short because I lost my wallet, was desperate to find it (later found at a restaurant we visited the day before — whew!), and was generally beside myself, but where we saw a very cute Omnimax movie:

science center space tunnel astronaut handprints

…to the deck, where I supervised Greg tilling the garden along with the help, who headed up the dump truck:

following daddy

Yes, in the photos above, Laurel is giving a thumbs-up about her gasping fish, Ethan looks like Kenny McCormick because he insists on wearing the hood anytime he wears a hooded sweatshirt. And yes, maybe it’s early to be tilling, but Greg wanted to change the oil and couldn’t pass up the chance to play with machinery. If he has to do it again, it’s his own fault.  har har!

What can I say?  It’s spring in the Boneblog household.

2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy.

  1. James

    How was the trout? Did Laurel eat it? Roxanne used to fish, but would’nt eat them.

    It’s, wierd, I had actually forgotten, sorta, what GRASS looked like. Nice and GREEN, we are having a very, very slight blush of greenish tinge to the desert plants, but mostly….40 shades of brown still.

    Damn good lookin dirt, I can smell it, if I keep lookin at your blog and you keep posting pictures like this, well… I am so lookin forward to comin’ home in May!!!

    Take care!!!!

  2. Michelle

    Yup, Laurel ate it but she felt kind of bad about it so she didn’t eat much. The rest of us enjoyed it, though. Figured out we really need a good fillet knife if I’m going to debone well.

    Yeah, we’ve worked hard on that soil in the garden — you know how it is, this rocky clay soil. Just like the Ozarks. Good for livestock, not much else. We’re looking forward to planting!

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