Monthly Archives: February 2009

Sick Little Boy.

Ethan, like his mom, is one to visibly display his colds like a giant, screaming, neon billboard.

This photo doesn’t do it justice — his cheeks are an angry red. His nose is streaming.  His eyes are tearing and running down his cheeks.  He’s just one big infectious blob. At least he carries himself reasonably well — if this were me, I’d be miserable and EVERYONE would KNOW it.

sick boy

Truth be told, it probably WILL be me, in short order. I’m known around these parts for contracting every infectious agent inhabiting my kids and husband, and providing a perfect incubator for its growth, such that it triples in strength within me. When I get sick, I get Katie-bar-the-door sick. I would try to prevent it, but then I would have to turn away hugs and things like that from my kids, which are just too precious.

So I’ll get sick, and I’ll be grateful my kids and I are not sick often, and have rarely been sick with more than a cold.