My Case for Nationalized Health Care.

One of the biggest complaints I hear when the subject of national health care comes up is that we’ll all have to wait a long time for an appointment.

Well, here is what I have heard in the past few days as I’ve desperately called around to doctor’s offices trying to get established as a new patient and to see a doctor for some issues I’m having:

“Oh, sorry, not accepting new patients.”

“Oh, we’re accepting new patients, but the first new patient appointment we have is in April.”

“Oh, sorry, we’re accepting new patients, but only those with other kinds of insurance. No new patients with BC/BS.”

That last one is a new one on me. I wonder how BC/BS would feel about that?

When are we, as patients, going to get sick of this and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?  The way I see it, treatment under a reasonably well-developed national plan couldn’t possibly be worse than the discouragement I have experienced in the last couple of days with private insurance.

2 thoughts on “My Case for Nationalized Health Care.

  1. Cynthia Schon

    I’ve run into that same scenario, especially trying to find a dermatologist for Madie’s exczema. I finally just took her with me to an appointment I had already made with mine and asked my doctor to look at it while we were in there. Probably not kosher, but I was desperate!

  2. Michelle

    It is SO frustrating. On top of that, we got three items from the insurance company today regarding a dental claim: 1) a letter telling us they were researching the claim further; 2) a denial because they were processing it under another claim number; and 3) an EOB stating they paid the claim. Honestly.

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