Laurel-isms, Part XXV.

Laurel:  “Mom, the kids were making fun of me because I don’t know what Bokugan is.”

Me:  “Uh…okay, what IS Bokugan?”

Laurel:  “It’s like Pokemon, kind of.”

Me:  “Laurel, you may not know what the current 4th grade fad is, because you don’t watch the kinds of TV shows on which those money-grubbing fad-dealers advertise, but you could go to the high school and talk pop culture — especially music — and hold your own with any senior. I don’t know many 4th grade kids who know the White Stripes or Raconteurs or Flobots or Beatles or System of a Down or Fratellis.”

Laurel:  “Yeah, plus I know a little more about sex than most kids my age.”

Me:  “Uh, yeah, anyway…So if the kids make fun of you because you don’t know what Bokugan is or you don’t have Bokugan…”

Laurel:  “I’ll just tell ’em it’s because I’m too punk rock.”

Me:  “There you go.”

One thought on “Laurel-isms, Part XXV.

  1. Cynthia Schon

    Wasn’t it fascinating that the 3 PEGS girls at our table were the ONLY ones in the room who don’t like Hannah Montana?

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