If Laurel Were a Caterer…

She’d work for Charm City Cakes (unfamiliar with the Ace of Cakes? See video below):

Laurel as caterer

This is for a birthday party she’s attending — it’s a murder mystery theme, she’s the caterer, and was to dress the part.  I have no aprons or anything like that, so a friend and I developed the idea of a tool belt for her necessities (well, okay, maybe most caterers don’t carry potato mashers, but that’s the only implement that fit the hammer loop without falling out).

And here, for the uninitiated, is the Ace of Cakes video:

With Laurel’s freestyle sense of creativity and sense of humor, I think she’d be an excellent fit.

3 thoughts on “If Laurel Were a Caterer…

  1. Cynthia Schon

    Madie & I love Ace of Cakes, too! Of course, her favorite creation ever was the wedding cake that had the 2 horses taking bites out of the sides. I loved the librarians’ conference book cart with all of the once-banned books on it. Around age 3 Madie made a huge mess in the kitchen trying to figure out how to add something to the rim of her drink cup…we obviously watch WAY too much Food Network!

  2. Michelle

    Honestly, I haven’t watched it in awhile, but if we do happen to catch it, we’re pretty fascinated. That’s funny — was Madie making a margarita?

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