Snow + Childhood = Bliss.

A week or two ago, Greg expressed his fervent desire for snow. A big, blanketing snow like the one we had last year.  Yesterday that wish was granted. Today marks Day Two of No School for the kids. We’ve had two sledding sessions so far.  One last night, and one this afternoon.

Last night’s session was particularly unpleasant because it was sleeting the entire time. I’m talking about full-on, skin-pelting sleet. That got old quickly for me, so we didn’t stay long. Ethan freaked out the first time down the hill anyway because he got hit in the face with snow. On my first trip, Laurel threw a handful of snow right in my face and it went down my neck.  It wasn’t a fun evening for me, but here are the photos anyway:

Formulating our Plan of Attack Greg and Ethan

kids Laurel action shot

Laurel hauling Ethan up the hill Trudging up the hill

You can sort of see the sleet in contrast with the truck in this photo.

Today was much better.  It was warmer, it was sunny, there was no infernal sleet pound-pound-pounding on my face, and we just stayed around our house instead of traveling to play. I shoveled the driveway while Ethan helped by trying in vain to ride his trike in the snow and losing his Lightning McQueen car in a pile of shoveled snow (though he really DID help by throwing away some old empty boxes). We won’t talk about how he left his tricycle behind the truck and I backed over it, HORRORS, TRAGEDY, OHMYGOD MY TRIKE THE SNOW THE TIRES!  Don’t worry, the trike is fine — it was knocked over and went under the truck undamaged — that part didn’t faze Ethan at all. What got him bent out of shape was that I angrily wrenched the trike out from under the pickup then threw it into a snowbank. That’s what led to the screaming fit worthy of a horror film, but we’re all fine now.


Anyway, once that was over, we moved to the back yard where I took the following photos:

back yard blanket Ethan sledding

kids in back yard laurel sledding front view

ethan sledding front view

But this is probably my favorite shot, taken just before we came in for milk and biscotti. I carefully negotiated the steps up onto the deck and captured this photo of childhood seen from above:

Childhood as seen from above

And that about covers it, doesn’t it?