For Christmas this year, I bought Greg a book about homebrewing beer. We’ve been looking for something we enjoy that we can do together.  It hit me — we enjoy beer.  We can make beer!

Well, plus Greg likes chemistry, and brewing beer uses chemistry.  Great!

So after Greg pored over his book about brewing beer, and lamented the fact that the book contradicts itself (to say nothing of its contradictions with other sources), we sallied forth and drank as much beer as we could to get enough bottles for bottling time.  We didn’t make it, so we had to buy more bottles. Maybe next time, huh?

Anyway, on New Year’s Eve, we brewed our beer:

This canning vessel has come in so handy -- first for figgy pudding, now for beer. Oh, and of course -- canning in the summer.

It made the house smell like toasted cereal, just like when I used to drive by Anheuser-Busch every morning on my way to work.  Mmmmm.

Then the beer sat for a week and a half or so in the bunker, while the yeast did their fermenting thing:

Yeast causes this to bubble -- when there's no more bubbling, the beer is ready!

And then yesterday we sanitized bottles.

One plate and many, many bottles.

Next we took the beer out of the bunker, brought it upstairs, and opened it. And it smelled GOOD. And it wasn’t nearly as gross-looking as we thought it would be.  We siphoned it off into the bottling bucket, then tasted it. And it tasted GOOD, too!



siphoning into the bottling bucket

Then we bottled.  Greg filled the bottles, I capped them. Final product:

Final product

2-3 weeks until we crack the first of these. 

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