You Just Never Know With Me.

Sometimes I don’t like approaching people.  Other times I possess chutzpah you wouldn’t believe. And you never know which you’re going to get. Fun, no?

And that is why I made a deal with Santa at the mall yesterday — or rather, Santa’s handlers.

Ethan wanted to see Santa, and I wanted photos.

But I wasn’t about to pay $20 for 2 5x7s.  Call me cheap, call me whatever you will, but folks, it’s just not worth that. Greg and I talked about the idea that they should offer to allow people to take their own photos for a smaller charge, but no, and when we arrived they had signs up requesting people to refrain from using their own cameras — which didn’t stop everyone, but I was trying to be a decent human for once.  After lots of back-and-forth with my conscience and with Greg, I figured it couldn’t hurt to play the economics card. I’d give them a choice — they either take my offer to take photos myself, or they’d get NOTHING from me and would lose money on the deal.

I know, I drive a hard bargain, right?

I drew myself up as tall as I could and strode up to the counter. “Hi,” I began.  “Tell you what.  I’ll give you five bucks to let me take photos with my own camera.”

“Uh,” stammered the handler, “Okay. We can do that. In fact, we tell them every year that should be an option.”

I thrust our camera at Greg, and that’s what we did. Frankly, this is a much better photo than any they’d have taken:

ethan with Santa