Throwin’ it Into High Gear.

Some of you know about the truck drama we had last week.  And the week before. I’m not here to address that. At least not yet. Patience.

Instead, I’m working to maintain my holiday good cheer (you see that, Greg? Good cheer!) by posting about our weekend, complete with toddler yelling — because that is the only volume we encounter these days.

Friday  night we went to Ethan’s holiday celebration at his preschool, where he made a set of antlers. But don’t ask him about it, he vehemently denies it ever happened — NO I DID NOT MAKE REINDEER ANTLERS! I TOLD YOU!

ethan with reindeer antlers

He’s kind of like O.J.

Each year we venture south to Meert Tree Farm for our tree. It’s the best tree farm. Well, the only other one I’ve been to in the St. Louis area is Eckerts, and Meert is way better.  Trust me. Not so commercial. Not so crowded. Parking lot filled with trucks and dogs, the way any self-respecting tree farm should be. It was about 17 degrees when we went this year.  Laurel wore jeans with holes in the knees. Ethan demanded that we ride on THAT wagon, NO NOT THIS ONE, THAT ONE. Was he cold?  NO!  I TOLD YOU I AM NOT COLD!

Get the picture?

But we had a good time in spite of the cold, and we found a winner.

chosen christmas tree felling the tree

Funny thing —  we found this tree in record time. Whether it was just a good year for tree-felling or we were spurred on by the cold, I don’t know.

As we do every year, we enjoyed hot chocolate at the barn while our tree was shaken and baled.  We enjoyed hot chocolate despite initial protests from our youngest, who declared, I DO NOT LIKE HOT CHOCOLATE!  I LIKE COCOA!  NO, NOT COCOA, BUT I LIKE HOT CHOCOLATE!

Whew. So the jury was out, but after tasting it, he looked like this:

ethan reaction to hot chocolate

And both kids together looked like this:

hot chocolate

And when we got home and decorated the tree (I WANT TO HELP YOU, IS IT TIME TO PUT THE LIGHTS ON? NOW IS IT?  IS IT NOW? IS IT TIME? IS IT?), we looked like this:

o christmas tree 

Now.  Aren’t you in the holiday mood?