The other night I attended Laurel’s vocal concert at the elementary school.  Eventually I’ll get some video of that and her strings concert up, but not right now.  Anyway, the 2nd graders did the most adorable rendition of the Animaniacs’ ‘Noel.’ Even funnier was that I think I was the first one in the audience to really get the joke and I started laughing right out loud while other people looked at me as if wondering whether I needed an ambulance.

I came home and worked it into our Christmas lights display.

And just because some of you are too young or too old or just don’t remember the Animaniacs, here is the song (Mom, I know you’ll appreciate this, seeing as how you’re a fun pan. I mean, a pun fan). I’m posting it without the video because although I think it takes more work to understand it, it’s funnier this way:

And so yes, now our lights are also encoded to this tune.


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  1. Mom

    Sorry, I don’t remember Animaniacs, but this is pretty cute. I also heard on the radio the other day that there are actually 10 reindeer including Rudolph. You know, "Olive". (Olive, the other reindeer, laughed and called him funny names.) I thought that was pretty funny too.

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