The First Hour is the Hardest.

For the past two years (three for me), Laurel and I have participated in Old Newsboys Day. Last year’s post is here.

The first hour is always the hardest — it’s the darkest, it’s usually the coldest (not this year), and we haven’t yet acclimated to the weather.

At least Laurel remembered her gloves this year.

Anyway, we set out early with a temperature of 37 degrees and I-don’t-know-how-much-wind-but-I-do-know-the-wind-chill-was-in-the-20s, and manned the same station we manned last year. The 6 o’clock hour was cold and dark, and we longed for the warmth of our home, but we managed by reminding ourselves of all the homeless who are out in the cold all the time. The 7 o’clock hour brought many, many more commuters, so we were much busier and time went by much faster. After 8:30, though, traffic was sparse so we packed it up.

We didn’t do as well as we did last year.  I blame the economy and the much better stoplight timing at that intersection. heh – dang old traffic engineers.  Next year we’ll have to see about changing locations to get more people stuck stoplights.

This year we only made $131.07, which is a little disappointing, considering last year we were close to $250.  Laurel got one $20 bill, and several fives and tens.  She, unlike her mother, is still cute enough to get the sympathy money. 

In spite of the reduced take, we still got to have time together working toward a good cause, and we still earned a decent amount for the greater metro area children’s charities.

And that, friends, is a fantastic start to the holiday season.

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