Regarding Santa.

Me: Laurel, do the kids in your class talk about whether or not they still believe in Santa?

Laurel: Yes, except for Parker, and he tries to convince everyone else they shouldn’t believe.

Me: What do the others say to him when he does that?

Laurel: They say he’s stupid. I don’t say that, though. That’s no different from when kids say I’m stupid for not believing in a god.

Me: That’s an excellent point. Do you think Santa exists?

Laurel: Yes, I think so, but I don’t understand how he manages to get all those presents to all those places so quickly.

Me: It’s a conspiracy.

Laurel:  What?

Me:  Nevermind. What if Parker were right? What if Santa didn’t exist?

Laurel: Well, I wouldn’t care. I like the idea of Santa.