Yesterday the citizens of the United States made an historic decision.

Really, either way, it would have been historic — we would either have had a not-100%-caucasian  president-elect or a female VP-elect.

We chose the former, and for that I am grateful. We needed something other than what’s been bumbling around the past 8 years, and the McCain-Palin train wreck was not it. I mean, seriously, what do people see in Palin?  Just because her traits include “hot” and “folksy” does not mean she’s presidential.

Time will tell, I suppose.  But I could not fathom another 4-8 years with the type of administration that twists the US Constitution to fit their meaning (the Prez can declare war all by himself?  Huh?  The VP is part of multiple governmental branches?  Huh?  Methinks somebody didn’t do well in Civics class).  McCain’s camp didn’t fool me. That whole ‘maverick’ schtick was another word for ‘rogue,’ which makes me think of our current administration.


Here’s to the dawning of a new day. We can only go up from here.