Again with the Apple and the Tree Business.


Most of you know Greg is the progeny of a certain heating and cooling empire.

Many of you know or could probably guess that each room of our home is on a separate HVAC zone, can be independently heated or cooled at our choosing, and each room is on a programmable timer to allow this.

Some of you may know we have a germicidal UV light and a whole-house humidifier, and have pretty much priced ourselves out of the neighborhood where HVAC is concerned.


Greg works out of our basement, almost directly beneath our half-bath.  Now whenever Ethan wants Daddy and Daddy has locked the basement door to work in peace, Ethan resorts to other means of communication — namely, this:

ethan yelling down the register

ethan yelling down the register 2

Yeah. He removes the register grate and yells “DAAAAAADDDDDDYYYYYYYY!” at the top of his lungs. Greg finds this particularly charming when he’s on the phone with a client.

So I have to lock the bathroom door to keep him out.

And now he has my car keys, trying to unlock the door.