Rare Chances.

Last night, Laurel eschewed her social studies homework in favor of a civics experience.

We stood in line for hours to see an American icon:  President Bill Clinton.

President Clinton was speaking at an Obama rally in Kirkwood. I wanted to go. How many chances does a person get in a lifetime to meet a President, past or present? And — in particular — one who has enjoyed such immense popularity?

Not many.

We arrived at 5 to find out that the line was already really long.  Only 3000 people would be in the main gym, and we didn’t know what number we were, but the line snaked and spiraled through the parking lot behind us. The doors were to open at 6:30, but President Clinton wasn’t speaking until 8. I wouldn’t continue to wait in line for that long for just anybody, but c’mon.  We’re talking President Clinton here. No matter what anyone says about him, I liked the man and I still do.  Count me in as a fan.

Laurel remained in high spirits during the wait, and we purchased Obama buttons:

laurel with peace sign

We were fortunate enough to get into the main auditorium, though there were no seats.  We stood for another hour waiting for Clinton’s arrival, and took in the sights — such as Claire McCaskill standing in the bleachers along the side. Laurel couldn’t see, but we were right behind the press and sound area, so people let her come up to the railing in front of them. To those who allowed the little girl to stand in front of them on the rail so she could see — thank you.  That was really cool.

laurel at obama rally

As expected, Clinton gave a rousing speech in his typical charismatic fashion. We left early — we’d both had long days, Laurel was tired and my feet were sore — but we felt just capital, knowing we’d just seen something really cool.

president clinton1