On Gay Marriage.

Again, I don’t often talk politics here. Politics are so polarizing.


California, after legalizing gay marriage, has decided to attempt a big “Just kidding!” by putting Proposition 8 on the ballot. Proposition 8, if passed, would send California right back with most of the other states — to the stone age.

To the detractors of gay marriage, I ask — Why?

Are you really threatened by the idea of two consenting homosexual adults marrying? How does this threaten your marriage at all? Why must marriage be between a man and a woman?

Yeah, I’ve heard the tired old arguments — let’s just address those, shall we?

Argument 1:  It’s a threat to the institution of marriage.

Okay, first of all, if your marriage is threatened by someone else’s marriage, you don’t HAVE a good marriage.  Mmkay?  I don’t care who gets married to whom in this world. It has no effect on me or my marriage. Also, hi, marriage is — at its heart — a contract. A legally recognized contract. ‘So,’ you say, ‘why aren’t civil unions enough?’ Simply put, it’s because civil unions do not have the same social recognition as marriage. Civil unions will likely always be seen as second class. Women, especially, should be sensitive to this, considering we were second-class citizens until relatively recent times.

Argument 2:  It’s a slippery slope. Next we’ll have polygamy! Next we’ll have women marrying boys! Or men marrying little girls! Or men marrying guinea pigs!

Um, no. These are all separate issues. There is no reason whatsoever that we cannot define marriage as a contract between two consenting adults. There. Problem solved. No polygamy, no nonconsensual marriages, no man-guinea pig partners-for-life.

Argument 3: God doesn’t like faggots.

Well, that’s just over-the-top offensive. I won’t even bother with that one.

See?  That wasn’t so hard, was it?


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