I Waited Four Years for Nothing.

Four long years.

That’s how long I’ve waited for our fridge to crap out so I could get a new one. It’s already lost its ability to properly dispense ice.

This morning I almost realized my dream. The freezer had frozen up (more than it should, see), and everything was warm and festering and we had to toss a lot of things.

Secretly thrilled, I went directly to Lowes.com and started trolling for a new refrigerator. Make it a stainless.  No, stainless-look so I can still put up my kids’ artwork.


I married a guy who can fix this kind of thing.

Twenty minutes into my new-fridge-hunt, after I had two very viable candidates as Our Next Fridge, Greg announced that a-ha, he’d found the problem, and a-ha again, it would cost around $30 to fix.


My dreams of a new fridge went up in smoke.