Someone is awfully proud of himself, as he should be.

Ethan has filled his entire potty chart, so he got to go pick out a toy car for purchase.  That’s an entire chart, folks.  That’s 60 willing trips to the potty.  Nothing to sneeze at, if you ask me. 

We went to the store and he picked out a set of four motorcycles, two of which you can see in the picture.  That’s okay with us.

ethan's completed potty chart

Filling his next chart will earn a trip to the pool.

He’s a quick study, picking up on the manipulation factor.  Last night after bedtime he came out of his room at least four times telling us he needed to go potty when he didn’t.  Still, we’re celebrating in the BoneBlog household.

Son, here’s to a lifetime of successful trips to the bathroom.  Cheers!


(Ethan’s runny nose courtesy of the season’s first cold)