Monthly Archives: July 2008

Blueberries Yield Blue Language.

The scene:  Ethan is sitting, quietly watching TV and eating his breakfast of blueberries and a bagel when the blueberries tip and fall on the floor.

Ethan:  "FUCK!"

Greg:  "We don’t say ‘fuck.’"

Ethan:  "I say ‘fuck’ when blueberries fall on the floor."


Coming out of the closet, er, bunker.

<Begin Nerdy Content>

I apologize for the boneblog outage yesterday, seems power and internet here at the house have been getting worse and worse.  As a result, I convinced my employer to move all of the servers and various network junk out of my "bunker" and into a colocation downtown.

Originally I had intended to make this a tediously planned move so the only outage would be me packing things into the car and moving them.  Mother Nature and Ameren had different ideas.  Our power went out about 9:30 Wednesday night and when it still wasn’t back up Thursday morning I decided to give up and move everything sooner.  After the latest power outage and a failing UPS left several servers in less than stellar condition The Boneblog was a little low on the priority list.  I don’t have a picture of the setup at the datacenter but trust me, it looks like something recently moved from Jefferson County.  The Boneblog’s current home is on a pretty nice Poweredge 2900 that is stacked precariously on top of two not quite so nice white box severs from 5 – 6 years ago, none of which were ever intended to go in a datacenter rack.  Oh well, at any rate it is a move up and all should be well.

</End Nerdy Content>