Monthly Archives: March 2008

Busy Week and Small Annoyances.

Last night:  Community forums regarding what the school district is going to do about overcrowding.  Talk about moving schools and building schools.  We want to move into the district, but don’t know where to move and everything is up in the air.  Will have to keep following meetings to find out where we should be looking for a house — meanwhile, continue 2 hours of driving every day, though it will be 3 hours on 3 days this week.

Today:  Early school dismissal, and have to take a final two weeks after it was supposed to be taken.  It was canceled because we were iced in.  I haven’t studied because I cannot get motivated to study for a class that is over.  I should be cramming right now but I’m blogging instead.  Also, Laurel let it slip this morning that she hasn’t been doing her morning exercise circuits at school even though 2 weeks ago we had a conversation in which she told me she was only half-assedly doing circuits so she could help feed classroom animals and I informed her in no uncertain terms she was to do the circuits whole-assedly and only help feed the guinea pigs et al. if she had time.  Instead of following my very specific instructions, she chose to defy me and just stop doing the circuits altogether.  The world came crashing down upon her, and I dropped the f-bomb at least twice before she got out of the car.  Note to those who think this makes me a bad parent:  It does not.  We come from the George Carlin school where ‘dirty words’ are concerned and would much prefer Laurel hear ‘dirty’ words than hear some of the things one hears on the morning conservative talk radio station (warning, do not play this at work):


Tomorrow:  Class from 6-10 p.m.  “Advanced Computer Utilization.”  The last chapter in the text deals with billing software.  Guess what I was in charge of at the law firm?  Yup.  Billing software.  Should be just a wealth of new information for me there.  I heart required courses.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The fact is, it would be far too difficult for me to top last year’s video for St. Patrick’s Day.  So please, sit back and enjoy an encore presentation of Ethan’s heartfelt Irish jig atop the table: