Simple Math & Weekendery.

2 snow days + 1 toddler + 1 cranky girl + 2 cabin fever-afflicted parents = ThankgodtomorrowisMonday.


To Sam, Jess, and boys:  We had a great time Saturday night, thanks for providing much-needed respite from housebound monotony. 

In a final act of desperation after too much time cooped up, we took Ethan to Target for new shoes this evening.  We don’t like to spend that much on shoes he’ll grow out of in 6 months (if we’re lucky).  Ethan loves his shoes and he and his shoes are not soon parted.  When I pulled off an old sneaker to try a new one, he screamed in protest.  His screams were so shrill they set our ears ringing.  You’d have sworn we were beating him with a strap.  I’m shocked the police weren’t summoned.

When we returned to the parking lot, he said he’d like to go buy more shoes.

As I said before, Monday morning cannot come soon enough for any of us.

2 thoughts on “Simple Math & Weekendery.

  1. Jess

    Thanks for putting up with me in my space cadet state on Saturday! We all had a great time! Did you pull the wagon pics off your camera?

  2. Michelle

    Pulling the photos off this afternoon, will send or probably post them online so you can get the full version.

    You weren’t a space cadet or, if you were, I was too and didn’t notice.

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