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It’s about teaching responsibility.  Laurel lost (another) library book.  Greg and I decided she should pay for the lost book and include a donation equal to the cost of the lost book which would go toward the purchase of another.  She agreed, and I sent her to her room to write a letter to the librarians.  Laurel typed the following letter all on her own with absolutely no help from me.


She is so considerate and so professional.  I am so proud.


Our son makes a lot of noise.  Sometimes that noise tends to fade to the background because he just makes so much of it.

A few days ago I was going about my business ignoring that background noise even while it became increasingly fervent.  It’s been my experience that Ethan becomes very passionate about many things, including the movie ‘Cars,’ the dog, his sister, and lollipops.  It finally dawned on me that I was hearing ‘Elp!  Tuck!  Tuck Ma-ee.  Tuck,’ which translates to ‘Help!  Stuck!  Stuck, Mommy.  Stuck.’

And sure enough, he was in quite a pickle:


We have images…

Images on old blog posts should be back.  Not perfect yet as the thumbnails are just shrunk rather than resized, but at least there are images..  Wanna see how?  Not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s my first Graffiti Plug-in from scratch.

What to do when you get a bigger dump truck…

Ethan received a bit of a belated Christmas gift Friday evening in the form of a Tonka dump truck.  By Saturday afternoon he had put it to good use.  (please excuse the Taco soup in the general vicinity of his mouth)


Please observe the Hot Wheels cars in the bed of the smaller truck as well.



Neglect and Television.

Yes, I have neglected this blog.  Yes, I know.  I’ve been very busy with work and school and home, but I’ll soon no longer have work to worry about — at least not the 9-5 kind, or the 8:45-4:15 kind, which is what I’m leaving.  After much deliberation and agonizing, I have chosen to leave work and come back home.  The decision was very difficult for me, but in the end Greg and I feel this is best for our family.


Meanwhile, we’re letting the kids watch TV.  Here is a photo of them watching a show.  Guess which show it was:


a.  The movie “Cars”

b.  A “Spongebob Squarepants” marathon

c.  A “Mythbusters” episode regarding Chinese water torture



If you guessed ‘C’, you win the prize.  The kids sat, transfixed, while watching the cast of Mythbusters test their gumption against ancient war practices.

Fun with the BBC, and Erin too

Should have posted this a while back but life has been busy.   We were able to spend some time with my friends from college, Brian and Erin, over the holidays.  They were on a whirlwind tour visiting Brian’s family here in St. Louis, Erin’s in Columbia, etc.  but were able to hang out with us at our place for a bit prior to our New Year festivities (yet to be fully blogged).

Ethan warmed up to Brian quite well.

DSC_0025 DSC_0029

As you can see, baby Lydia also joined the festivities, she brought Becky and Andy with her.  Erin, perhaps out of fear of possible injury associated with playing with Ethan, opted to hold Lydia instead.

DSC_0037why does this not link to larger image...  hmmm.

It was great to spend some time chatting with everyone, we don’t get to see Brian and Erin nearly as often as we would like, and never seem to keep in touch like we should.  Same goes for Becky and Andy, with no real excuses since we live 15 minutes from them, I guess I’m a bad brother/brother-in-law.


Moving the blog to a new platform, as you can see things look different.  The look will likely be changing more as we play around with things and get it the way we like it.  You will also notice old images (except for the one I played with) are broken for the moment.  The import didn’t quite as well as hoped, I will get them all working at some point in the near future, promise…  Old comments are not here either.  Missing but not lost, I may or may not put those back up.  Comment away, new ones should work.