Last week we had our (first) big snow of the year.  On Sunday we took the kids out in the back yard to play.

Ethan promptly fell, setting off the face-crumpling that I love so much.  It makes me want to pinch his cheeks:

He recovered, and Greg took the kids out to try sledding with them.  Laurel, staff in hand, looked on like a shepherdess watching her flock by night.  Ethan was not a fan of sledding and demanded alternate accommodations (as he does frequently):

So Greg took him over to swing.  That was the hit of the day:

It was bitterly cold, so Greg built a fire and we all gathered 'round:


I had another shot of the kids at the fire, but Vinnie ruined it in his own special way:

It was fun, but we were glad to get back inside.  It was really really cold.