Kansas City, at least I think we were there…

So the wife and I decided to head off to Kansas City for a long weekend for a little R&R (well deserved if I do say so myself).  We made plans for this trip perhaps a month or so in advance, made hotel reservations, researched things to do, etc.  We had planned to leave Friday, Nov 9th and return Monday, Nov 12th. 

Things were already off to a shaky start prior to leaving.  We decided as Michelle did not feel well and had things to do on Monday to prepare for an exam, that we should cut the trip short a day and head back on Sunday.  I called the hotel and found that we could make this change with no charges.  Fantastic, no harm, no foul.

So Friday the 9th arrives, I had the good fortune of running into a work problem the night before so I was able to greet Friday as it arrived at 12:00:01 with all its glory.  I continued my task until about 1:30 am before giving it up.  Woke up to the wife kicking me at 5:30 am to get me to go to the gym, returned home by 6:30 or so (a bit of a short workout) and then took the kidlets to Grandma's to begin their weekend.  The wife and I worked half days and then departed about 1:30 or so.  The trip to KC was pretty uneventful, made a stop for fuel (for the car and myself) just before Columbia and arrived in KC around 5:30 or so.  Then begins the fun….

 First let me say that Google Maps is normally a great thing.  You type in where you want to go, where you plan to start, bingo, directions, map, etc.  Well, KC must be a black hole to Google.  I kid you not, all of our directions concerning going anywhere in KC were wrong.  They had wrong turns, wrong exits, wrong street names, I loved it.  This first became evident to us when we attempted to get to the hotel from 70 West.  I don't know whose brilliant idea the highway layout and exit number scheme was in KC but that had to have something to do with the Google Maps issues.  I've heard of exit versions A and B for a single exit, you know, southbound exit is 265A, northbound is 265B.  I'm okay with this.  KC however has taken this to the extreme.  They had exits 2U, 2W, 2V, the list goes on.  What the hell?

So we finally find the hotel, get checked in and we headed out for a meal.  Went to a cool place called O'Dowds Little Dublin , had some beer, some good food, almost made up for the bad time getting to the hotel.  We walked around for a bit and headed back to the hotel for so much needed sleep.   I for one did not sleep very well, I was starting to come down with whatever it was the wife and Ethan have been passing around for the last week.  I tossed and turned and hit my head on the nightstand no fewer that 3 times in the middle of the night.


We wake up, shower, head down for the free breakfast provided by the Hotel.  Got back to room just in time to get a call from Grandma. Ethan has been up all night throwing up.  Poor kid, poor Grandma, not a good thing.  Grandma insists that she is fine and that Ethan is doing better and that we are not to come home.  We took her advice for a bit and followed more awful directions to go to the Arabia Steamboat Museum.  We finally got there, hung out until it opened and then proceeded on our partially guided tour.  We had to be the youngest ones there by at least 20 years.  Michelle caught sight of a guy sporting a snow white handlebar mustache and swore she was going to pretend to take a picture of something in order to get a shot of it.  Alas, no picture to prove it, but believe me, it was a thing of beauty.  We toured the museum, had a good time and then decide we would have lunch and then cut our trip even shorter after another check-in with Grandma.  Made it to our lunch destination without issue, but had another set of poor directions to get back to the Hotel.

Once back to the hotel, we packed up our stuff and decided to take a quick walk down to The Children's Place to try to get Ethan a new coat (maybe if we bundle the kid up he will get rid of this cold he has).  We go in and are informed they did not receive any toddler boy coats.  Not surprised in the least by this revelation after the way our weekend had been going to this point we headed to the car to leave the forsaken city that is Kansas City, possibly never to return.

We arrived back in St. Louis about 28 hours after we had left, picked up the kids and headed home.  Happy to report, Ethan is doing fine, Grandma seems to have avoided whatever bug he had and all is pretty much well.