I’m back.

My god, it's been a busy week.

Greg is a big ol' softie.  It's one reason I love him.  He doesn't make Ethan do things Ethan doesn't want to do, and Ethan knows it.  I, on the other hand, am an old battleaxe and don't put up with that kind of malarkey.  After he was spoiled rotten by Greg and Grandma Smith for four days straight while I was in Nashville, we started off the week with Ethan screaming bloody murder over my insistence he wear his jacket:


He was so mad his uvula was showing.  And how about that crazy Mick Jagger-esque jaw thing I've got kicking?

I'm back in power now.  Batten down the hatches.  Gone are the evenings of pizza feasts and lollygagging around.  The queen is back in town.