Halloween, BoneBlog Style.

I have tried to write this post no fewer than three times.  Each time, something went wrong.  I called my IT professional and we think he's got it back and crackin' again.  So, let's try this one more time.

Halloween week began with the carving of the pumpkins.  Ethan, like his sister before him, is mess-averse.  Pumpkin carving for him goes something like this:  1.  Stick hand in pumpkin.  2.  FREAK OUT ABOUT THE MESS.  3.  Watch Daddy clean out the pumpkin himself.  4.  Scoop pumpkin innards back into pumpkin.  Repeat.

In photographic revue:

1.         2. 

3.             4. 


I took Wednesday off due to all the Nashville overtime last week.  I'm afraid it didn't amount to much of a day off, as it went something like this:

Laurel was to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but Dorothy's skirt has grown considerably brief over the years, and I felt it was an inappropriate length for a) school and b) the weather, so we were in crisis mode.  Fortunately, the muse struck me and I determined Laurel would be Janis Joplin by day, and Dorothy by night:


She was disappointed at first because she'd told all the kids she would be Dorothy.  However, once I pointed out how cool she was for getting to wear TWO costumes for Halloween, she was okay with it.

After dropping her off, it was pedal to the metal over to Ethan's preschool for his Halloween program.  Ethan, again like his sister before him, chose not to conform with the rest of his classmates in sitting quietly on the floor and watching the program.  Heavens, no.  Rather, he insisted that Greg hold him THE ENTIRE TIME, and screamed like a madman if Greg put him down for even an instant:


We were relieved to be done with that ordeal.

I had to do some grocery shopping, then finally made it home only to turn around and go back to attend Laurel's party. 

At last, evening descended upon us.  Laurel dressed as Dorothy and posed with Toto-the-Steroid-Pumping-Baseball-Player-Dog.  I dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West, and we reenacted some scenes on the deck before leaving for trick-or-treat:


Ethan was a champ at trick-or-treat.  He watched Laurel at a couple of houses, then he proceeded to march right up to the doors and hold his bag open.  Between houses he refused to let go of Greg's hand. 

I love Halloween, but I'm glad it's over.  Now we can enter the holiday rush like civilized folk.  Or something.