Dead bodies, sushi and brake pads.

Having cut our KC trip short, and considering Ethan seemed to have recovered nicely, we decided to spend the Monday we had already taken off work taking Laurel to see Body Worlds 3 at the Science Center.  We had debated for a bit if Laurel would be freaked out and have nightmares after seeing human bodies all dissected and what not but she assured us she would not and that she really wanted to go.  We of course wanted to get something out of the trip as well, so we convinced Laurel to go have sushi with us after the Science Center trip.  Some might be turned off by sushi alone much less dissected bodies followed by sushi, but the trip turned out quite well. 

The only downside to the trip was that it made it painfully obvious that we had a problem with the rear brakes on the Murano.  After Michelle headed to school for the evening, Laurel and I went to pickup Ethan from Grandma's.  Afterward we began the arduous task of obtaining brake pads for the Murano.  Actually, the brake pads were the easy part, the first parts place had those.  However, I was under the impression that I needed to rent a special tool to retract the rear calipers since it had disk brakes and an emergency brake.  The first place had just given out their last one, the second had none, and the third place didn't rent tools.  They were more than happy to sell me one though.

So, caliper retracting tool in hand we headed home to find ourselves locked out.  Laurel informed me that yes, she had locked the deadbolt and latched the child safety latch on the door from the garage into the house to keep the dog in.  Not sure if she expected Vinnie to grow thumbs and an IQ in the time that we spent away from the house, but we did certainly find ourselves outside, and the dog whining inside.  After checking each of the doors into the house and finding them all locked I proceeded to attempt the old credit card trick on the front door which was the only one without a deadbolt latched.  That went nowhere and I didn't feel like explaining and repairing a broken door frame so I moved on to windows.  Luckily I found one that had been left unlocked and was able to get the screen out and climb in.  Ethan was quite happy to be inside as was Laurel who immediately ran to the bathroom.  Ethan went to bed, Laurel took a shower and I started changing the brake pads.  For those of you wondering, the Murano does not require the tool I drove halfway around St. Louis and Jefferson Counties trying to obtain.  Laurel got a lesson in the working of a rear disk brake system, got tucked in and I finished up the brake job.  The wife calls to tell me she is on her way home and a minute or so into me telling her how my evening went she said "Wait a second, is the Murano drivable?"  I get no respect  🙂

Time for bed… Signing off.