There Will Come a Time.

Folks, I'm angry.  Really, really angry.

At the beginning of this semester I registered for a computer course.  Halfway through the first class, the professor pulled me aside and said, "This course is too basic for you.  You really should consider dropping it and taking the advanced course.  Unfortunately, we don't offer the advanced course this semester."

Bummer.  But I got permission from the department head and another instructor to switch to his course, Real Property Law and Transactions.  I missed the first class meeting because I was registered for the computer class, but I caught up.

I've regretted it ever since.

The professor was new, and did not have control over the youngsters in the class.  Furthermore, the information he gave us was junk, taken straight from the text, with no examples or explanations.  He refused to give us reviews for our exams and even refused to give us an inkling of what would be ON the exam.

The final exam class average was a 67%.  Now, that says a lot about the professor, when the class AVERAGE is 67%.  Clearly there is something wrong here.

I received an A in the course.  However, in examining my grades (which it took him much longer than other professors to post) I noticed he docked me an attendance point.  Gasp!  I know.  Terrible, right?  But still, that was my point.  So I politely e-mailed him the following:

"I noticed you docked me a point on my attendance grade.  I assume this is because I was not in attendance for the first class.  However, I feel I should not be docked for that, because if you will recall, I was in a computer course that night which I dropped and switched to your course.  I clearly would have been in attendance had it been possible.  Therefore, please consider adjusting my grade so it accurately reflects full attendance.


Observe the jerk's response:

"You were not present for the first class.  As a result, you lost a point for class attendance.  It does not matter the reason why you were not there.  Therefore, I am not going to change the grade for that particular item."

Well.  Them's fightin' words.  With raised brow, I fired off the following:

"I must admit I am surprised by this response. 

I believe you yourself taught us that acceptance is an essential element of a contract.  Your syllabus is a contract, more or less, setting forth your requirements for the class, allowing us to accept or reject those requirements as we see fit.  I did not have the opportunity to accept your terms until the second class meeting because I was not even registered for your course until that time, and therefore should not have been expected to abide by the terms of the syllabus at the time I missed the first meeting.

I am a darn good student who has made a fair request.  I am confident your fellow professors would attest to this.  I feel your rigid unwillingness to consider these special circumstances is punitive in nature."

He hasn't responded.  Perhaps he took his itsy-bitsy cojones off to bawl in a corner somewhere.  He is quite honestly the sorriest professor I've ever had.  And yet, I rest easier knowing that in the end, this is actually quite the unfortunate turn of events for him, for he will no longer have me in there to yank his class grade averages out of the gutter the way I did with this one.  He won't even have the ability to appear to be teaching anything.

What goes around comes around.