Rapt + Or = Raptor.

We made a great effort to attend the open house at the World Bird Sanctuary.  The kids had been at their great-grandmother's and we were unaware that Ethan had been awake since 4:30 a.m.  Oh, but we found out.  He is not a friend to birds.  He ran all over the place, and Greg was completely exasperated within 10 minutes.  He persevered, however, and we got to see a few things.

Lots of raptors, including eagles, falcons, owls, etc:

Laurel finds it difficult to focus on many things, but birds are not included.  She has a wealth of knowledge about these birds and is hungry for more:

We visited the raptor hospital, where Laurel showed off her knowledge to the docent manning the station.  He looked at us and said, 'She's already reading the Conservationist?  Wow."  Yes.  Then she remarked on the workings of his falcon trap and, incredulous, he said, "Okay, how do you know so much??!"  Laurel was fascinated by the raptor hospital, and frankly so was I. 

If only they would allow her to volunteer, but alas, one must be 13 to do so.

Ethan was not quite so enchanted by the raptor hospital.  He did, however, find a good spot to sit and wait for us to finish: